Ready Yourself for the
Most Fantastic Arabian World!

Ready for the World
The most powerful ancient necromancer, a harbinger of unimaginable evil, has awoken from the pyramid! You will be playing as a young Arab hero, exploring a dangerous magical world, crossing oases, conquering deserts, breaking into pyramids... Summon hundreds of heroes from different factions, who will fight for you with their different abilities, and build your own team of adventurers! Use your wisdom and strategy to show who is the best among adventurers from all over the Arab World in the Battle of Arena!

Summon Legendary Heroes
Summon heroes from different factions, master the use of faction advantage, choose the most suitable gem set, and rely on your strategy to build your own team with thousands of different combinations. Prove your intelligence in the battle against adventurers from all over the Arab World and ancient powerful bosses!
  • Factions
    Civ beats Ferity, Fertiy beats Undead, and Undead over Civ. Templar and Abyss have advantage over each other. Easy, right?
  • Civilization
    The Civilization Facition has magic of the elfs, equipments of the humans, and well-trained armies. It has an advantage when battling the undisciplined and under equipped Ferity Faction.
  • Ferity
    The Ferity Faction has strong bodies and feral instinct, and is able to ignore the Undead's plagues and mind controlling sorceries. It obliterates the Undead quickly in battle.
  • Undead
    The Undead Faction relies on plagues to crush human morale, and necromancers to break elven magic, making them unstoppable when facing the Civilization Faction.
How to Play